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The Facebook Post That Had An UNPLANNED Response

I recently shared a post about how the movie “Unplanned” is coming to Canada, after much opposition and boycott. I felt it would be educational to summarize the excessive comments. First — it’s clear that people are passionate about the issue of abortion, no matter what side they are on. While I didn’t share this post to start a debate or get into the merits of abortions, that’s the rabbit hole that was followed... Just to clarify, I don’t hate anyone. I love human beings (even the rude, vile & condescending ones haha). I love all human beings, no matter their size, age, or where they reside. I’ll be honest, the negative response from the pro-choice, pro-abortion supporters was vile, to say

Mortal Sin vs. Venial Sin?

What is the difference between “mortal sin” and “venial sin”? Isn’t all sin the same in God’s eyes? What does the Catholic Church teach about these two types of sin? Find out in this edition of #AllThatCatholicStuff SUBSCRIBE to receive #AllThatCatholicStuff to your inbox, to INSPIRE, SHARE & EXPLAIN the Catholic Christian faith. If you liked this video, please share it with others!

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