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Praying to Saints

Why do we ask the intercession of the Saints in Heaven? EXERCISE: Just like we ask our friends and family to pray for us, we can ask those who are with God in Heaven to pray and intercede for us too! Whenever a circumstance arises, or we have an intention in mind, we can always ask the Saints in Heaven to pray for us.

Faith in the Family

Our children learn from our example. They root for the sports teams we cheer on, and they value what we prioritize. EXERCISE: What are some things we can do as a family to demonstrate the importance of faith? Praying the Rosary together and asking each family member to think about a specific intention to pray for? Saying grace before meals (even while at a restaurant)? Reading a new bible story each day? Learning about a new Saint each day? Attending Mass every Sunday, and being involved in Church activities? Following the Liturgical calendar of readings & reflections (Lent, Advent, Christmas, Easter, etc.)

What is Holy Water?

Holy Water, is water that has been blessed by a priest. It's called a sacramental because it's an outward sign of faith of God's grace and blessing shown to us in a tangible way. EXERCISE: Bring a special container of water to Mass on Sunday and ask your priest to bless it. Keep the Holy Water at home and bless yourself with it (by dipping your fingers in the Holy Water and then making the Sign of the Cross) regularly (such as before bed, or before leaving your home).

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