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UNPLUGGED // "Reckless Love"

Enjoy this UNPLUGGED cover performance of "Reckless Love" (Cory Asbury). SUBSCRIBE to receive #AllThatCatholicStuff to your inbox, to INSPIRE, SHARE & EXPLAIN the Catholic Christian faith. If you liked this video, please share it with others! Did you like this #AllThatCatholicStuff post? LIKE the Facebook page, SHARE this post and SUBSCRIBE via email to receive #AllThatCatholicStuff to your inbox.

Jehovah’s Witness At The Door

Ding dong. There was a knock at the door. I had been traveling for ministry, away from home for the last ten days straight, in and out for the last two months... My wife looks through the window and yells at me to put on a shirt. No, I don’t normally walk around the house without a shirt on, I had just finished a workout. I still had bed head, was slightly sweaty (and probably stinky), and quite honestly, a little frazzled. Who was it? Our friendly neighbourhood Jehovah’s Witnesses... This is the part where most people run, turn the lights out, and hide in silence and fear. Me on the other hand, I felt the excitement of Christmas morning. So we invited them in, sat down at the table and star

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