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Minivan Productions

Offering full service production, recording (songs), videography (music videos), and photography (promo photos).

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From a simple worship song for the church to a full production radio quality song, we have you covered. 



Bring your song to life and make it more accessible by creating a stunning music video. 

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Whether it's promo shots, portraits or live candid photos, we can capture the moment.

Samples / Portfolio

Why I Started Minivan Productions


I started Minivan Productions to offer an affordable way for independent artists and worship leaders to release music to the church and radio. Because I’m an artist myself, having worked in the Christian music “industry” for over ten years, I can provide a bridge between the artist, the music and the industry. 


Whether you are a worship leader hoping to release your song to the church, an artist looking to deliver a song to Christian radio, or anything in between I offer full production service from beginning to end.


In today’s environment, it’s not enough to just record a good song. Most people consume their music in video format on platforms such as YouTube and social media. It’s JUST as important to have a quality video in order to reach your maximum exposure. This ensures that more people will hear the Gospel message through your song and that’s always a good thing!


I provide everything from writing help, full radio quality recording & production, music video and promo photos, to bring a song from the writing chair, to the world stage.


Do you have a project in mind? I'd love to chat about how I can help bring it to life.


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