Brand New Original Song


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Written by Chris Bray. Produced by Andrew Horrocks and Patrick Shay.


Verse 1:
I wanna know wanna know your heart
Wanna feel wanna feel it’s beat
Wanna be so close to you, that you are surrounding me 

Verse 2: I wanna know wanna know your peace
Wanna feel wanna feel it flow
Wanna be the stone you cast to spread a thousand ripples  

I wanna move where you move
Feel what you feel
With everything inside of me I know your love is real
I wanna see what you see Love like do oh
Jesus take every part of me
So I can be more like you  

Verse 3:
Wanna hear wanna hear your voice
Wanna speak wanna speak your truth
Wanna let your word echo from your lips into the world