New Single "WHAT CAN HE DO"

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Written by Chris Bray & Andrew Horrocks.
Produced by Andrew Horrocks and Patrick Shay.
Promotional support by Scott Jackson.



Looking at all my brokenness

Aware of my lack of accomplishments

I lay down and wonder how can You use me?



Looking at all of my regrets

Hoping You’re not done with me yet 

Praying that God 

You can take this broken mess



The God who brought the dead to life

The God who changed water to wine

What can He do?

What can He do?

The God who called man from the grave

Gave sight and healed and walked on the waves

What can He do?

What can He do in you?

Whoa, Whoa

What can He do

Whoa, Whoa

What can He do



Trying to fill the void inside

No matter the cost, it won’t satisfy

In all my attempts

God I finally rest in Your providence



Open up your heart, and let Him in

He can work for good all things within



In the middle of the storm that’s raging

In the middle of the darkest night

Even though it might seem crazy

What can He do


When it seems like the Way is distant

When it seems all hope is lost

Even though you’re the last one standing

What can He do, in you