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"The Father's House" with Special Guests

Enjoy this HUGE collaboration with 17 musical acts from across the globe! Pray this song with us! Share with someone who might be uplifted by it!

“The Father’s House” written by Cory Asbury, Ethen Hulse & Benjamin Hastings. Performed by Chris Bray, featuring special guest vocals by JP Sunga, Janelle, Athenas, Rhythm & Grace Music, Luke Langman, Jeff Catto, Evan Thompson, Mike Schuster, Anne Jean, Rafael Cabanillas, Breanna Dauphinee, Alan Keen & Guy and a Girl. Musical appearances by Andre Gignac (bass), Evan Thompson (keys), Geoff Smith (electric guitars), Ian Duckworth (percussion), Scott Jackson (percussion). Recorded and produced by Chris Bray.

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