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Back to School Message 2020

YOUR BEST YEAR YET (Back to School 2020 Inspirational Message) —

This is an inspirational message to: TEACHERS, EDUCATORS, STUDENTS & PARENTS.

This could just be your best year yet, if we open our eyes to how God wants to work in our lives. 2020 has been an unprecedented year to say the least, however, if anyone can take this mess and turn it for good, God can. We might be tempted to call this year a complete right off, but I want to encourage you to reconsider that for a moment... Perhaps we are anxious of the unknown, or what our new reality will look like as we approach this new season and school year.

Perhaps you're a teacher concerned with how to deal with the overwhelming stress of the ever-changing procedures, wondering how you'll reach students effectively? Perhaps you're a student already mourning the loss of what this year could have been, discouraged before you even begin. Perhaps you're a parent struggling to know what the best choice is for your family, juggling work and family like or even attempting to pursue homeschooling...

No matter the circumstance, it's in our moments of weakness, in our struggles and trials, that God's power and strength shines through.

Don't lose hope. Let's lean into Christ and keep our eyes fixed on Him, trusting that He can overcome and work all things for good. If we approach Him in faith, this could just very well be our best year yet!

➡️ What does your Fall 2020 circumstance look like? Let me know in the comments below so I can pray for you!

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