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Are We Doomed If Mass Is Canceled?

There are many Catholics who are questioning how to keep their faith alive during this time when the Sacraments are unavailable to us. Hear this: If you feel you are lost or doomed because Mass is canceled, then perhaps your faith IS NOT in God’s grace, but rather in ourselves and our own strength.

In fact, Mass is still being celebrated and offered for us; it's simply our participation in it, that is limited (beyond our control). Perhaps this is an opportunity to lean into our faith all the more with INTENTIONALITY, DESIRE, and FERVOR so that when we are able to return to the Sacraments, we can allow those graces to transform our hearts. Making a spiritual communion and remembering Christ's sacrifice for us is an important way to fuel our faith when the Sacraments are out of our reach.

What are you doing to fuel your faith during this time when the Sacraments might be unavailable to us? Let me know in the comments below 👇🏻


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