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Knowing God's Love For Us

Sometimes it is important to be reminded of how incredible God's love is for us.

We often have moments in life, or circumstances when we feel sad, or inadequate. Perhaps it's from unkind words of others, or a symptom of comparison. But whatever the case, our worth and value is not derived from what others think of us, or our successes.

In Romans 5:8, St. Paul reminds us;

"God demonstrates His great love for us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us"

Prior to our baptism, we were born enemies of God, separated by sin sin from Him. However, God knowing you whole lives from beginning to end, and every mistake and sin we would ever make, still chose to die for us.

He endured crucifixion, beating, mockery, and willingly gave His life for us, for the sake of our sin, on the cross. THAT is how much He loves. THAT is our worth to Him.

EXERCISE: Look at the crucifix daily to be reminded of just how much God loves you, that He was willing to give His life.

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