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How to NOT Lose Your Salvation On SOCIAL MEDIA

Social media is a wonderful tool but has the potential to be an addictive vessel of malice, anger, and vice. In this episode, Katie and I discuss the dichotomy of people's online lives vs. real life. How so often we indulge in vice rather than witnessing virtue. Social media was intended to connect people together but oftentimes creates a barrier to those in our midst, especially families. We share some tips and considerations for parents on kids’ use of these platforms, as well as how to "disagree well" with others, responding in charity to nasty comments.

This is how to NOT lose your salvation, on SOCIAL MEDIA…

How to be Christian online...

How to avoid the pitfalls and traps of social media...

(Be sure to watch to the end for the blooper reel 🎞🤪)

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