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Lukewarm Catholics

In many seasons of our life, it's easy to get lazy in our faith; complacent or apathetic. Perhaps this last year has been a time of testing and trial in your faith and you find yourself checking out. God invites us to a deeper relationship with Him and gives us seasons of testing as a gift, to help us realize where our heart is at.

In Revelation 3, Jesus warns that He will spit out those who are "lukewarm" because they are neither hot, nor cold in their faith. Though the circumstances might be difficult, He has given us the grace to endure to the end.

Through it all we can demonstrate to our family, kids, neighbours and the world that the sacramental graces we have received over the years has all been for THIS MOMENT of trial and temptation, to lean into JESUS all the more.

If you find yourself straying from the faith, or away from church, Jesus invites us to return to Him!


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