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Pope Francis' Homosexuality Quote

Pope Francis said some stuff… people are freaking out… let’s all calm down. Don’t fall for the click bait just yet. The Catholic Church has NEVER changed/reversed dogma or any essential teaching in 2000 years, she isn’t going to start now. I hope this clarifies things for you. Also, let’s all just take a breath and stop freaking out for a moment before we fall for secular media, so-called experts, drawing erroneous conclusions from a translation of a translation of an off the cuff quote…

Even if the worst case scenario is true, that he said these things in error, or even meant them (which is highly unlikely folks, seriously)… even if that’s the case, he can’t and doesn’t have the ability to change a teaching like this. It’s not possible, it’s outside the realm of the Papacy.

Pause, take a breath, be at peace.

Sin is still sin. Truth is still truth. God is still God and in control of everything. AND — We are still called to love EVERYONE (even the media outlets)…

Ok, that’s all, enjoy your day!

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