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The Last Episode of Living The Way

If you've followed our LIVING THE WAY channel, we're making some changes... This video is a sort of "announcement" type video. YES - We are still homeschooling. YES - We are still making videos. BUT, we are no longer doing it on the LIVING THE WAY YouTube channel.

Life is busy and we have a limited amount of time. We want to honour that time and after hearing feedback about what resonates the most with our viewers, we have decided to continue making videos related to "Fatih and Family" on Chris' YouTube channel @chrisbraymusic #AllThatCatholicStuff (

We want to thank everyone who have journeyed with us and encouraged us. Our goal when we started the LIVING THE WAY channel was to hopefully inspire and encourage others who were in a similar situation as us, journeying into the world of homeschooling. Thanks for watching and we hope you will continue to join us at:

More videos to come!

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