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The Problem With Catholic Rad Trads

There is a growing movement of radical traditionalist Catholics within the church (also referred to as rad trads). The problem with rad trads is that they are essentially a modernist form of the worst parts of protestantism, using the ideologies of individual interpretation and sola scriptura (from the Reformation), but not towards Scripture, rather, of Church tradition, documents and ecumenical council dogma.

By cherrypicking specific practices and teachings from various eras of their liking, while disregarding doctrinal developments as well as changes in practice over time, these schismatics often deny the current Pope as legitimate, and the new order of the Mass (Novus Ordo) as licit/valid, and attempt to apply their era's teaching of choice universally in an extremist/absolutist fashion.

The irony, is that these self-professed traditionalists are simply adhering to one era of tradition, disregarding other developments. Sadly, this schismatic thinking is causing great division in the Church today, when our Lord desires unity in truth and spirit.

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