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Now more than ever people need the hope of Christ, and we need YOUR help to continue our mission work.

Our family has been in full-time ministry for over 8 years (primarily traveling to sing and speak at conferences, schools, and parish missions). However, when COVID hit (due to gathering restrictions) we needed to shift the ministry focus online to meet people where they are at.

One of the unexpected blessings of this was that both Katie and I had the opportunity to minister more together in talks and videos. We are so excited to announce that in addition to the talks and videos on various Catholic apologetical topics, we are introducing #AllThatCatholicStuff “Faith and Family”. We focus on topics like marriage, family, the Catholic life, and how to live out our faith in our everyday, ordinary lives.

The reality is that the majority of the income that funded this ministry came from in-person events (such as speaking at parishes, schools, and conferences). Because that won’t be possible (due to COVID) for a long time, we need your support to continue our important ministry work.

All of these faith resources (music, talks, videos, etc.) take time and money to produce, so we need YOUR help to continue providing these resources FREE to those who truly need them.

Now more than ever people are longing for the hope of the Gospel and the fullness of truth. Help us continue to reach people for Christ.

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